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Calcium Chloride 74%MIN


1. General Description
Molecular formula: CaCl2.2H2O
Molecular weight: 147
CAS No.: 10035-04-8
EC No.: 233-140-8
2. Applications
Calcium Chloride Dihydrate 74% is is used as Ice & Snow Melter, Dust Control on roadways and mines, Road-base Stabilizattion, Dehydrating agent in petrochemicals, Drying Agent, Antifreeze for ready-mix concrete, Accelerator for cement, an antifreeze for coal storage and transportation, water treatment etc. It is also a water soluble weighting agent for formulating solids-free completion and workover fluids and to provide the desired water phase activity in invert emulsion muds. This product can be used in horizontal drilling and clear water flocculation. It is also used as accelerator in oil well cement slurries.
3. Specifications
Standard: GB/T23941-2009


White Flakes or Powder

Assay as CaCl2

74% min.

Total Alkali Chloride (as NaCl)

5% max.

Total Magnesium as MgCl2

0.5% max.

Calcium Hydroxide

0.20% max.

Calcium Carbonate

0.20% max.


0.20% max.

Water Insoluble

0.20% max.


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